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Psychological First Aid Instructor

March 6-7: PFA Provider course (pre-requisite for Instructor)

March 9-10: PFA Instructor

April 22-23: PFA Provider course (pre-requisite for Instructor)

May 13-14: PFA Instructor


COST (includes Instructor materials):

Instructor course only: $750.00 

PFA provider + PFA Instructor: $875.00



Instructors who wish to deliver the Psychological First Aid classroom-based course.


Classroom: 14 hours for Instructor component


Certified Red Cross Psychological First Aid Instructor Trainer or Respect Education Master Instructor Trainer


• 18 years of age

• Fundamentals of Instruction (online and in-class)

• Psychological First Aid certification  

Completion: Attend and participate in 100% of the course. A post-course, competency-based teaching experience with the support  of a Teaching Experience Supervisor is required.


Psychological First Aid Instructor certificate is available for download upon successful completion of training and is valid for 3 years.

Course Content

• Loss, stress, and grief and how they affect us

• Psychological First Aid

• How to facilitate problem-based/case study learning

• Selecting, planning and facilitating an activity


• Instructor Guide – Psychological First Aid

• Psychological First Aid Workbook (digital and/or print)

• Media Presentation

• Look, Listen, Link, Live cards

• Online instructional resources on Boulevard

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