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TEACHING EXPERIENCE SUPERVISOR Contact us for 2023 courses onlineFor participants interested in assisting Instructor Trainers with Skills Evaluation sessions and overseeing the "Teaching Experience" for Instructor candidates



What is a Teaching Experience Supervisor?

  • A TES is an experienced, certified instructor who wishes to support instructor candidates (or Youth Leaders) during their training.

  • A TES does not teach the instructor candidates; rather, they will assist the Instructor Trainer and help enhance the overall training experience by providing structured feedback to the candidate as she/he works through the teaching experience.


What will a Teaching Experience Supervisor do?
TESs will support and guide instructor candidates through their teaching experience and will evaluate them using new competency-based criteria and feedback guidelines. TES responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the instructors as they go through their teaching experience and provide helpful, personal assistance.

  • Helping to create real classroom environments for instructor candidates so they’ll be prepared with both theory and practical skills when they are certified.

  • Providing a supportive environment to help ensure instructor candidates confidently meet a consistent and high Red Cross teaching standard.

  • Contributing to the socialization of newly certified instructors and help them feel part of the instructor network.

  • Encouraging reflection, allowing candidates to develop their Instructor identity.

Who can apply to become a Teaching Experience Supervisor?

  • Anyone 18 years and older and holds a current First Aid Instructor-level certification or;

  • Anyone 18 years old or 16-17 years old with on-site adult support and holds a current Youth Leader certification

  • Anyone interested in enhancing the training experience for new FAIs and Youth Leaders so they, and the participants, get the maximum benefit from their courses.

  • Teaching Experience Supervisors work directly with an Instructor Development Centre (IDC) VITAL SIGNS. The TES is responsible for the teaching experience, the IDC is responsible for the candidates overall experience. 

Why apply to become a Teaching Experience Supervisor?

  • Expand your skill set as you learn the competency-based skills necessary to monitor and ensure quality during the teaching experience.

  • Get a new certification which will add qualifications to your resume.

  • Focus your skills and interests as a mentor. You can become a TES for one or more of the following First Aid & CPR, Youth First Aid, Professional Responder, or Wilderness & Remote.

  • You will take the TES program once, and can mentor candidates for any program you have the Instructor certification for.  For example: With a TES and a First Aid Instructor you are able to support teaching experience for those candidates looking to become a First Aid Instructor.

  • VITAL SIGNS will compensate Instructors who are TES at an increased daily rate.

How do you apply to become a Teaching Experience Supervisor?

  • Contact us

  • Complete the online course and attend the classroom component through VITAL SIGNS

What training is involved to become a Teaching Experience Supervisor?

  • The online component covers the process of how a candidate’s Teaching Experience will run, including what is expected of the TES and how to support a candidate.

  • The classroom component focuses on activities to give TES candidates actual experience in guiding and supporting Instructor candidates (e.g: role-play activities and scenarios where the TES must apply his or her coaching skills).

How much does it cost to get certified to become a Teaching Experience Supervisor?

  • The cost covers materials and online access, as well as In class time (200.00 plus gst)

How often will a Teaching Experience Supervisor need to re-certify?

  • The TES certification is a one-time process only. You will remain certified as a TES for as long as your instructor certification is valid. Instructors will need to purchase new program materials when they become available.

Do I make more money as a TES?

  • VITAL SIGNS will compensate Instructors who are acting in the role as a Teaching Experience Supervisor due to the expertise, commitment  and effort that is required.

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